LRQA韩国为HYOSUNG(韩国晓星集团)提供Carbon Balloon Label(碳气球标签)再认证审核

LRQA韩国上个月为世界专业的轮胎帘子布生产商HYOSUNG(韩国晓星集团)进行Carbon Balloon Label(碳气球标签)的再认证审核。



此次审核认证方案以多个标准为基础,包括ISO/TS 14067、PAS 2050:2011、GHG Protocal(温室气体议定书)、BPX 30-323、PAS 2395:2014, IEC/TR 62725等等。 



HYOSUNG has been re-certified by LRQA Korea

HYOSUNG has been successfully re-certified to get Carbon Balloon Label by LRQA Korea for tire codes the month before.

HYOSUNG supplies their products to leading tire companies and is establishing the largest polyester tire cord market share in the world. Their tire cords are high-functional products essential for the manufacture of high quality tires.

Through this assessment, they have once again demonstrated their activities for internationally high level of carbon reduction to their customers and stakeholders, and this has been an opportunity to convey their commitment to mitigate climate change and enforce the trust of their products.

This certification scheme is based on several standards, e.g., ISO/TS 14067, PAS 2050:2011, GHG Protocol, BPX 30-323, PAS 2395:2014, IEC/TR 62725, etc.

LRQA Korea also built a special relationship with KITECH to extend this scheme. and is actively promoting for South-Korean export companies.

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